Choosing the ideal Aluminium Canopies

Doesn’t matter if you are a tradie slogging away during the day or just after some fun and adventure, there are many options when it comes to choosing the aluminium canopy to suit your budget and individual needs.

Most heavy duty canopies have a number of distinguished design features and benefits which differentiates from other canopies on the market. Some of the features of an aluminium canopy include:


  • Complete 55 x 3 box interior box frame work
  • Packed floor with under board box sectioned frame work
  • All superior construction- no leaky fixes
  • Clever gutter array to avoid unexpected water issues
  • Weld rubber on door for tight shutting so as to avoid unexpected opening of doors.
  • Fabric and other related fittings on all doors with bracket struts built into this
  • Heavy load carrying capacity on the roof perfect for things like tents, bicycles or other heavy items.
  • Superior quality recess  firmness latches for fundamental sealing ability
  • Superior quality cast aluminium hinges with appropriate fittings in nylon and stainless steel.
  • Weather and dirt proof
  • There is a huge range of standard designs. Manufactures can build specifics to suit your individual taste and style. You can either go with a standard tray or chose a more customised optioned to finish your dream model.

Canopies have been designed and built for many years we have been in business and designers are always looking at new ideas and designs to better cater to the needs of the normal tradie or adventure junkie.

Designs include: a basic covered canopy where you can safely store all your valuables or a purpose built travel package which means storing all your necessities for a vacation or road trip. With the endless possibilities when it comes to design and manufacturing canopies, nothing is impossible

These are the options available for most aluminium canopies:

  • Single  and dual tyre holders for spares
  • Can holder- professionally cut and welded.
  • Optional rear door
  • Fuel storage alternative with additional identical doors available
  • Jacks, superior quality framework, doors and sockets for car jacks
  • Colour codes to finish specific vehicle type
  • Glass windows
  • Bars to store boats or ladders
  • Covered and locked roof racks

Custom made canopies are available and designers and manufacturers are on hand to take you through the start to end of the design process. They take the customer’s requests into consideration before the design process and really involve the customer through every step of the way.

Canopies are widely used by everyone from government departments to fun seekers. To ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, designers continuously improve on their design and manufacturing process so the final result is something that is solid and stands the test of time.

Now that you know about choosing the ideal aluminium canopy, you can plan and choose the model and design that perfectly fits in with your requirements and get started on shopping.


How Are Seamless Rain Gutters Made?

In many people’s minds, a rain gutter system simply serves to keep away the annoyance of water dripping from the roof when it rains. In reality, though, gutters perform a vital function. If it weren’t for gutters, rainwater from the eaves of houses would drip directly near the base, close to the foundation, where it would cause structural damage.

As simple as the task of directing rainwater to a downspout may seem, it involves complications. One of the primary challenges comes from how conventional gutter manufacture involves the joining of pre-cut sections to form lengths.

The idea of building a channel for water through attaching sections together is an inherently problematic one. It doesn’t take much for water to find a way out. These gutter systems also need supports at every joint, something that makes for poor visual appeal.

Seamless gutters are different — they are fabricated in custom lengths to span entire sides of homes, no matter how long they may be. They are put up with only a few seams, too — where they meet downspouts or sections from other sides. The fewer the seams, the less the chance of a leak.

These gutters tend to be somewhat upmarket, and the sight of one of these on any house is known to raise its value. Seamless gutters have been sold since the 70s now, and are finally beginning to completely replace conventional guttering. They are well worth the premium that they command — they protect homes better than conventional designs, they tend to be more durable, and they add to the value of the homes that they are installed to.

Surprisingly, seamless gutters are manufactured on-site

According to Leafguard of Indianapolis, IN, installers of seamless rain gutter systems custom-fabricate guttering on-site for each job. Guttering is formed out of aluminum sheet metal, a material that installers bring to each worksite in the form of large coils hundreds of feet in length. Installers make precise measurements for the length of each side of the house to install guttering to, and feed the sheet metal into the machine. It forms guttering on-the-fly in any width required — 5, 6 or 7 inches, usually. About a dozen different manufacturers build these machines in the US, and they cost no more than $5,000 a unit.

Installation is easier than it sounds

An installation of rain guttering can go in under a day. With custom machines on the job, even large homes tends to be made short work of. With seamless designs requiring few support brackets, installation tends to be simple.