Large Commercial Construction Company Projects

All over the world we see great buildings and admire them. Most of them consisting of different and unique architectural designs. Buildings such as Dome of the Rock, Yankee Stadium, Lloyds Building in London, Sydney Opera House, and TD Ameritrade Park are some of the most inspiring establishments in the world.

All these are great milestones taken by the most successful construction companies in the world. It is such companies such as Bechtel Corp and Fluor Corp among others that have continued to execute the largest projects all over the world.Below is a list of commercial construction companies and the large projects they have accomplished.

Bechtel Construction Company.

One of the largest construction and Civil Engineering Company. Based in the United States, San Francisco and is the 5th largest company in the United States. Bechtel has done high profile projects such as Hoover Dam and Dulles Airport Silver Line expansion.

Hoover Dam is a brave accomplishment intended to curb the Colorado River from flooding. This has prevented flooding in the nearby cities and farms, especially Las Vegas. The dam has also facilitated cheap electricity generation in the region. The Hoover Dam is 201 meters wide at the bottom and 379 meters at the top.

Turner Construction

Has set the record of the longest continuous concrete pour. Turner Construction is based New York City, United States and has built high-profile projects such as the Yankee Stadium. The Yankee stadium is a useful facility that hosts mainly baseball games. The stadium has the building’s name in gold letters above each gate.

The Turner construction company also has the following projects such as University Hospitals Euclid Health Center and Case Western Reserve University, Maltz Performing Arts Center under its management.


Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I), is an American company dealing engineering and construction. CB&I headquarters are based in South Holland of Netherlands. The company recorded 5.485 billion USD in 2012.

CB&I specializes in projects belonging to oil and gas companies and has subsidiaries such as Lummus Technology Inc. and more. The company has branches in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and the American continents. CB&I also works with governments in Environmental, Infrastructure, and mission critical support services sectors.

PCL Construction Enterprises

PCL Construction is a high profile construction company with more than 4,400 workers in the United States, Australia, and Canada. PCL Construction is actually a group of construction companies which are independent. For instance, in Canada, PCL has Mellody Industrial Services Inc., PCL Builders, and PCL Energy as independent entities.

The company also specializes in the building, heavy industrial and the civil infrastructure sectors. This means that PCL actually deals with clients in oil and gas, mining, pulp paper and home building among many others.


Was started by one man in Sweden, and has grown over the years and become the largest construction companies in the United States. It specializes mostly in building houses and selling them to the United States residents. One of the company’s high-profile project is the MetLife Stadium.

Skanska owns commercial property in the United States, Denmark, and Finland and is also involved in public-private partnerships in the United Kingdom among many other countries. This makes the company a multinational construction and development hero, hence ranked as the 5th largest construction company by the Construction Global magazine.

Kiewit Corporation
Kiewit has been involved mining construction and engineering services and it is among the top largest contractors in the world. The company was founded in 1880’s and has its headquarters in Omaha, United States. Kiewit is an employee contract based organization and has been working with governments, transport and power sectors.

The company’s high-profile projects include TD Ameritrade Park, NewPort News Federal courthouse, and Trump International among many others.

Written by Kent Murdock, owner of Randy Adams Construction in Columbia, MO. Randy Adams Construction is one of the premiere companies for construction in Columbia, MO.


How to Choose Landscaping Services

If you are planning to invest your money into renewing the outdoor landscape of your home, it is important to remember that not all landscaping services are created equal. Many times people simply settle for the first service they get, and then end up frustrated when the company becomes troublesome to deal with or cannot deliver on their promises. You might have to do some research to get the best Victoria landscaping services, but it worth the effort. Here is a list of things to have in mind when choosing a landscaping service to tend to your home.landscaping

Find a Service That Offers More than Basic Maintenance

Some Victoria landscaping services advertise themselves as full service providers, but do very little beyond standard lawn maintenance. If you are looking for a lawn service, that may suffice. However, if you intend to invest a substantial amount of your hard-earned money to beautify your entire landscape, the wise thing is to hire a company that delivers on every front, from lawn care and irrigation to lighting, waterscapes, hardscapes and anything in between. A good company will also guide you on the best landscaping supplies like stone decorations, fertilizers, pottery and sprinkler systems.

Find a Service That Fulfills All Your Requirements

Hiring a company that offers all the services you require is a good way to save some money. Contracting separate tasks out to different landscapers can be quite expensive compared to having one provider who will do everything for a reasonable package deal. Also, working with one company reduces confusion later on if there is anything to be corrected. Having two or more Victoria landscaping services on your home makes it difficult to tell who did not do their part effectively.

Choose an Experienced Landscaping Company

Experienced Victoria landscaping services are likely to be more reliable and capable. Companies that have been in this industry for long have built a reputation and are likely to keep a satisfied and dedicated clientele base. If their services are nothing but the best, they would not have survived long against the competition.

Consider Cost of Services

Cost is an essential consideration in all decisions. However, beware of the ridiculously cheap companies as this could mean that they are less experienced or less capable. Remember, you get what you pay for. Comparing prices from different landscapers is the best way to get experienced yet reasonably priced landscaping companies. Also remember, very high prices do not always mean high quality of service.

Choose a Licensed Company

Today, there are many cons out there looking to make quick cash by ripping off innocent clients. Ask to see the license and ensure that it is genuine and valid. Victoria landscaping services with authentic licenses have undergone the required training and are likely to offer dependable services.

Credentials Do Make a Difference

Anyone can start their own landscaping business, but only qualified contractors will have the capacity to offer high quality services. Besides credentials, ensure that the landscaper you hire has people skills. Your personal comfort is essential as you will be working with this professional directly. Besides, if you have a good relationship with the landscaper, you can ask them to teach you how to use some items like sprinkler systems to keep your garden green and beautiful at all times.



Furnace cleaning in Edmonton

If your furnace has seen better days, it might be time to hire local commercial furnace cleaning in Edmonton or residential furnace cleaning in Edmonton service techs. Whether the job is to be done in your home, or in a commercial business, will dictate which local company you are going to hire. Of course you want to make sure any service provider you choose for the job is fully licensed, is certified, and has the right insurance in place. Further, you want to hire a local residential furnace cleaning in Edmonton or commercial furnace cleaning in Edmonton expert that is well known, highly rated, and have great reputation in the local area, for the type of work they are going to perform for you as a customer.
Residential furnace cleaning
Whether it is a residential or commercial job will determine the type of cleaning methods used. No matter how big the service job is, what type of dirt or build up has occurred over the years, or how bad the furnace looks, the company you choose to hire for cleaning work should have the latest industry equipment, and should employ the use of the latest techniques and methods to properly clean the furnace out. Not only will this ensure the furnace is properly cleaned, but also that they are not going to have to re-service the area again in a few months. So, taking the time to compare local companies, the methods used, and learning about the latest techniques and cleaning methods that are available to them, are a few things that should be done by local customers, prior to choosing a company to hire for cleaning work.

Comparing the company’s reputation, the time they have been performing cleaning work, as well as the price for the work they are going to do, will also help you in deciding on a local company to hire for residential or for commercial service needs. By using online review sites, forums, blogs, as well as any referral sites online, you can easily compare the top local cleaning companies. And, you can call a few of the top rated companies to visit your home or business, in order to provide you with a quote for the job. From there, you can compare the prices which the top companies offer, as well as all guarantees they are going to provide, so that you can eventually choose the top companies, and hire the ones you feel are best equipped and prepared to do the cleaning work for you.

It does not matter how long it has been since the furnace has been cleaned. When time comes to have these services rendered, you want to know that you are hiring the top residential furnace cleaning in Edmonton or commercial furnace cleaning in Edmonton companies for the job. In order to ensure this is the case, taking your time to compare companies, service methods, and quotes, will eventually allow you to hire the best local service tech to perform all cleaning work that has to be completed.


Air Quality Testing Methods You Must Know

If you are a real estate investor looking to buy a new piece of property, whether to actually live in it or otherwise, home inspection will be a crucial step in the process for finalizing the transaction. This service will let you take the help of an expert to unearth the flaws and problems with the property you are interested in and determine its true value in terms of its actual state. This system therefore allows buyers to understand what they are getting into and prevent any unsuspecting shocks in the near future related to the property they are buying. It is always recommended that the actual buyer should attend the expert home inspection and not just let the real estate agent get involved in the process. This will help you get a first-hand account of what the inspector thinks about the property and ensure that you gather authentic information. Direct contact with professional home inspections in Calgary will also help you in understanding the inspection process in it, so that you are better prepared for what is coming.
home inspections
If issues are found or an inspector makes recommendations of repairs that could be completed down the road, then an estimate for repairs should be made to figure out the cost involved. Professional home inspections in Calgary will make a suggestion for a follow-up from another service provider to look at a specific issue. This is where you should adamantly follow the suggestions of the professional and get in another expert to examine the problem, even if doing so might cause delays on your closing the deal. Understand that it will always be better to let a probable purchase go than actually making a bad and costly mistake.

It is important to keep your air clean in order to avoid diseases that are caused by microorganisms that may be hiding in your home. Diseases like asthma, cancer, cough and so on could be caused by poor air quality, hence, you should know how to test the quality of air in your home. You should first conduct a careful inspection of your house before beginning the air quality testing, so that the main sources of pollution can be identified. The inspection will enable you to determine whether to go ahead to test for special agents and it can also reveal the mechanical, environmental, structural or occupant behavior that can be responsible for the poor air quality.

Even though mold is the commonest cause of poor air quality, there are other microorganisms that are responsible. Allergens such as cockroach parts and feces, dust mites, animal dander and cat saliva can lead to different allergies if they are not removed. Air quality testing can be used to determine the allergens polluting your home if you are not sure whether they are responsible for the pollution. The test involves the collection of biological and non-biological allergens which will then be sent to the laboratory for analysis. You can request for a free consultation with a reputable indoor-air-quality evaluator and if you want a professional to carry out the test, a sample of dust will be taken by the professional with special equipment and taken to the lab for detailed analysis.


Things To Consider When Choosing a Good Fencing in Vernon

If you want to install a fence around your house, then you should know that doing so isn’t mere child’s play. Because of this, you might want to think about hiring fence contractors that can do the dirty work for you. Here are several things that you will need to consider when hiring a fencing company. First and foremost, you need to look for a fencing company that provides extra services aside from basic fence installation. Professional fencing companies should agree to fix any problems that might come about after they install your fence, for example. Now, if you need help finding trustworthy residential fence contractors or commercial contractors, then you can ask your family members or friends about their overall experience in this field. Conversely, you can simply do a quick search online or check the local papers instead.

After short-listing several fencing companies that look like they might offer everything that you need, you can do some extra research on them from the comforts of your own home. In general, the most important thing to focus on here would be other customers’ feedback and testimonials. If a company has a ton of complaints coming from their customers, then that would be a clear sign to steer clear of them altogether. The next step would be to interview each company that you are interested in one by one. Ideally, you should look for fencing companies that employ their own staff members for the actual fence installation, though, because they usually go through special training for the job and thus have more experience overall. This means that they will also be able to answer all of your questions about the installation process, such as what kind of material they use during these installations.

There are many reasons to buy a fence, whether we talk about privacy, borders or aesthetic appeal. Naturally, you will need to take the company’s experience into consideration, as well, and ask them questions about this during the interview. How long has the company been in business, for example? Do they specialize in the kind of fencing installation that you are interested in for your home? Aside from that, a reputable fencing in Vernon shouldn’t hesitate to give you names of their references and clients, either. If need be, you should be able to contact these references and ask about their overall satisfaction with your company of choice, as well.
Once you already have a professional fencing in Vernon that you would like to hire, do not hesitate to ask more questions before making your final decision. Cost would be one of the most vital things to take into consideration before signing an agreement with a fence and fencing company. Also, make sure that you get all of the details that you agreed upon in writing before proceeding with the installation. You might want to find out whether the fencing company that you want to hire provides guarantees for their work, as well. Most of the time, a good fencing company in Vernon will provide a one-year warranty for labour and will prove to you that their workers are licensed and insured, so make sure you ask about this beforehand, too.


Learn the Benefits of Granite Countertops

Countertops are among the first things people notice when they get into your kitchen. Today, granite countertops have become a norm in many modern kitchens. They give a unique feel and look to any kind of kitchen set up. The splendor of granite in Burlington, Ontario lies in the fact that it comes in different colours, which range from dark to light. Here are some of the benefits of granite countertops in Stoney Creekgranite countertops


The first reason why many homeowners prefer countertops made from granite is that this material is very durable compared to other stones. Granite is also stain and heat resistant. For that reason, granite countertops last long and require less care and maintenance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Granite countertops in Stoney Creek provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that other materials lack. It is available in different styles and shades that match a wide range of interior colours. This means that you will definitely get a shade and style that matches with your kitchen, or bathroom.

Resistant To Mould and Mildew

Granite has low porosity making it ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. Besides, bacteria and dirt cannot penetrate granite, meaning it will not soak things. Using granite in Burlington, Ontario for your kitchen countertops keeps you from the danger of having bacteria accumulate in these areas. Also, it is easy to clean any spills due to its smooth and sealed surface.

Requires Less Maintenance

Granite countertops are easy to take care of. You just need to clean them with warm water and mild soap everyday to give them a new and gorgeous look. In addition, countertops made from granite can be easily fixed in case of damage.

Granite countertops in Stoney Creek offer benefits which cannot be ignored. If you intend to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, install granite countertops for a great look and feel. Besides, these countertops help to add value to your home. However, to get the best from these countertops, you have to get a professional to do the installation. Some people might choose to do the project on their own but hiring a professional will go a long way in giving you the desired look.

When choosing a granite countertops contractor, you need to go for an experienced one. Ask the actual number of years the professional has been in this business and hire those with at least five years of experience. An experienced professional will not only offer high quality services but will advise you on the best shade and style of granite to match your house interior.

You should also ensure that the contractor you hire is licensed. Confirm that the professional you settle for holds a valid and genuine license. This proves that the expert meets the basic requirements of your state and they have passed all the relevant exams in this specialty.

Finally, consider cost when choosing a contractor to install granite countertops in Stoney Creek. Cost comparison is the best way to get a reasonably priced contractor. Avoid service providers who are too cheap or extremely expensive.




Duct cleaning in Edmonton

Home or local business owners who are looking for the top duct cleaning service techs have to take the time to compare companies which perform services in this field. Whether you want to hire a company or a freelance tech that does the work of cleaning ducts in Edmonton, Alberta, you are going to want to consider the experience, the credentials, and the type of duct cleaning work which the service techs and companies have performed in the past. When you compare a few top companies, their quotes, as well as the credentials they hold in cleaning ducts in Edmonton, Alberta, this is going to allow you to hire the most qualified for the job, and ensures you are going to be pleased with the outcome of the job which they perform for you, as well. duct cleaning

In choosing a company or freelance service tech, look for those who are fully licensed and certified. This is a guarantee that they are experienced in duct cleaning work, that they have the credentials to do the job, and that they are fully going to guarantee all of the work which you hire them to perform for you on the job site, as well. In addition to this, look for companies which do specialize in the field of commercial or residential jobs, based on the type of cleaning services you need them to perform for you. By hiring those companies or techs who specialize, you know they are going to have the right equipment, are going to be experienced in that type of cleaning work, and you know they are going to have the credentials to take on any sized job you hire them to do, as well.

Customers might want to consider reviews and rating services, too. When you compare a few of the top rated companies, not only does this allow you to find out what other customers have to say about their work, you can also rule out those companies which do not have great reviews, or do not do the job properly. So, you know you are only going to be dealing with the top fully qualified service techs, and you can rule out the companies which are not going to do the job properly when the time comes to hire them. Further, you can compare quoted prices, allowing you to find the best prices for the duct cleaning work which is going to be performed.

Due to the fact that many companies do specialize in cleaning work, you want to hire those who are best qualified for the job. Whether it is a residential or a commercial job, comparing the companies, the work they do, as well as the methods they are going to employ when doing cleaning work, allows you to hire the best people for the job. In turn, it also ensures you are going to be pleased with the quality of the work they perform, when hiring them to clean your HVAC and duct system at home or in your commercial space.


Tips on Choosing Residential Overhead Doors

Residential overhead doors are a great installation for any home and they do more than just grant you access to the garage. These doors also add value to your home and protect it from the weather. If you are looking to sell your home, installing an overhead door can increase its resale value. Overhead doors in Calgary are available in a variety of styles and colours so it easy to get a door that agrees with your taste. When choosing these doors, there are various considerations to make to get the best. decorative rocks

First, consider the style of your home. Not all types of overhead doors in Calgary will go well with your home. Every door is suitable for a certain style of home so ensure that your choice is well informed to avoid ruining the look of your home. For instance, recessed panel doors, with windows or not, complement a colonial style house nicely. For Cape Cod homes, wood paneled doors painted to match the house are a good choice.

Another thing to consider when choosing residential overhead doors is the amount of maintenance of the door you are willing to do by yourself. For instance, wooden doors require sealing occasionally. They also require regular cleaning using a mild solution to sustain their appearance. Alternatively, fiberglass or metal doors only require a quick wash one or two times a year. Also, you should remember that just like all garage doors, your door requires annual maintenance to inspect the mechanism and lubricate parts.

When choosing overhead doors in Calgary for your home, you need to decide whether you want those with windows or without. Windows improve the appearance of the door and admit outside light, which is a plus if you will be using your garage as a workshop. However, note that overhead doors with windows might be a little bit more expensive. Besides, they give a way for intruders to get into your garage, which should be a concern if you live in a neighbourhood with criminal activity.

Your budget is also an important thing to consider when choosing residential overhead doors. Fibreglass and wooden doors tend to be more costly than metal ones. Adding insulation to the door can also increase the price. Fortunately, there is a variety of quality-built overhead door models to fit nearly all budgets.

Once you have considered all the aforementioned factors and got a good overhead door, your next concern should be its installation. There are many contractors for overhead door installation out there and it is important to conduct a little bit of research to get the best. Ask for the best contractors dealing in residential overhead doors from your friends, relatives and close colleagues. You can also conduct an online search to get the best of these contractors in your area.

After researching four or five top rated contractors for installation of overhead doors in Calgary, contact them one by one for further evaluation. Among the things you look for in these contractors are experience, licensing, insurance, communication skills and warranty for their work. Price should also be considered when choosing a contractor to install your residential overhead door.



How to Get the Best Roofing Company

One of the things you should pay close attention to when building a house is roof installation. Even when you simply require someone to replace an old one for you or to repair the existing one, a good roofing service provider is what you need. If you conduct research on roofing services in Calgary, you will get tons of results. However, out of all these results, only one company is in a great position to offer you high quality service. You are thus advised to carry out your own independent research and assessment so that you can eventually get the best.


Every roofing company will offer the best description on its website to convince you that it is the best choice. It is only by conducting an independent evaluation that you will rank roofing services in Calgary from the best to the worst. There are various things that you should consider to get the best roofing company.


Experience is very essential in all jobs as it denotes the outward ability to do the job professionally. Hire a roofing contractor who has been in this business for some time. If you want metal roofing in Calgary, ask if the contractor has installed such before. Also, choose a roofing company that has a permanent business premise. This way, you are sure to get hold of the contractor in case there is an issue with their installation, repair or replacement.


Hire a contractor that is licensed by the relevant authorities to offer roofing services in Calgary. The importance of hiring a licensed roofing contractor is that they are bound by the industry regulations to provide the best service. Most roofers offer information of their licensing in their websites but you can ask to see the documentation for confirmation.

Embracing Modern Technology

Good roofing service providers embrace the most current roofing technology. Choose a roofer whose roofing techniques and styles meet the latest building standards and specifications. If you want metal roofing in Calgary, ensure that the chosen contractor offers that.

Well Trained Roofers

A roofing company cannot claim to provide good roofing services if its workforce is not properly trained. Make sure that the company has enough well trained and experienced roofers who are reputable for offering high quality roofing services. Also, the roofers must be licensed by the relevant authorities in the building industry to offer these services. With such roofers, you are sure to have your roofing project completed successfully.

Previous Works

Before hiring a roofing company, review its previous works. Most companies have photos in their websites where potential clients can find information on their previous works. You can also ask to see their previous as well as ongoing projects if any are near your home or workplace.


Cost is an important consideration when choosing roofing services in Calgary. Go for a company that offers high quality service at an affordable price. However, cost of roofing should be considered once a company meets all the other factors to consider. Do not base your choice on cost alone as this may lead you to poor quality service.






Finding a Roofing Company in Calgary

The repairs that you need completed on the building that houses your business are important to you and you need to find good help in order to have them completed. Your building needs to stay in good shape and in order to do that it needs care from those who know what they are doing and who are ready to look out for it. When picking out supplies for roofing in Calgary you want to make sure that the supplies chosen will be good for your building and your needs. When seeking a commercial roof repair the company that you turn to should provide you with right assistance. Your building is something that needs to stay in good shape, and that means that the roof needs good help so that it can look over the rest of the place and protect it.

Commercial roof repair

How to Find Roofing Company in Calgary:

There are times when you need roofing assistance in order to keep your building in good shape and there are times when you need supplies for roofing in Calgary. When you in need of any kind of help in regard to the roof of your building such help should come from a top quality source. Quality supplies make for a quality finish. Quality workmanship makes for a building that will last and repairs that will stay in place. Seeking quality means seeking the best for your building. If you want the best for your place then you need quality care for its roof. There are times when you are in need of a commercial roof repair and in those times experience is necessary from the company that you choose to hire. Choosing to hire someone who possesses experience is choosing to hire someone who will deliver quality care for your building. You would like nothing but the best for the building that houses your business and that means that you need to seek out a company that will give you nothing but the best. Those with experience are capable of giving the best care and the highest quality assistance. There are times when you need to have someone take care of your roof. When you need such help you need to find it through a source that will not let you down. When someone tells you that they are going to help you out with your roof they really need to show up and do that. When someone tells you that they will bring about long lasting results they need to do exactly that. In order to get good care and a good finish you need to find someone who will not let you down and you need to hire them to help you out with your building’s roof.

Finding the support that is needed for your roofing needs can be a challenge, but it is a challenge worth undertaking. You are deserving of all of the best care for your building, and that care is out there if you just seek it out.