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  • Why Med Scrubs Referred To As High End

    Med scrubs are those protective overcoats you see medical staff wearing whilst on duty in the corridors of your public or private hospitals. Doctors, generally your highest qualified professionals in this health services environment, you will usually find wearing comfortable, loose fitting, flappy coats whilst making their rounds. But these days, medical professionals tend to be more practical in how they manage their hospital garb.

    It makes more practical sense for them to go the whole hog if you will, from protective high end trousers to comfortable, loose fitting tops. And because of the sensitive environment in which many of them are operating in these days, there are those doctors and their staff who need to wear the caps as well. But why are they referred to as high end scrubs? This has something to do with its required response.

    Doctors and their assistants, as well as the nursing staff, need to protect their patients from any form of harmful bacteria and germs. This could even emanate from their own bodies no matter how well they have scrubbed themselves down. These scrubs, in order to provide patients with the necessary protection, need to be prepared by the best and most appropriate materials. The material of choice is usually cotton.

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    The other thing is this. The nature of the in-hospital work could be quite robust indeed. Cotton being a strong fiber ensures that there is very little chance of the protective medical garments being torn. This strength and durability is entirely appropriate for the hospital's porters or medical orderlies. The nature of their work is quite physical. And an extension of the high end nature of these garments is by way of the thoroughness that goes into the necessary laundry work after the clothing has been discarded after a long shift.