4 Ways Newer FCA Rules Make Borrowing Safer for You

Two years ago, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) made sweeping changes to the short term loan industry. These changes understand the fluctuating nature of having to borrow money. They were created to help protect borrowers from unexpected circumstances and make short term lending safer and more reliable. That helps borrowers build a better financial future for themselves. Here are a few key aspects that many still don’t know about when seeking short term loans:

  1. If you’re unable to repay your short term loan when it’s due, it can be rolled over into the next month. Before, less reputable payday loan companies could prey on those unable to pay, allowing borrowers to accumulate endless amounts of rolled over debt and interest. The number of rollovers has been wisely limited to 2. This still gives borrowers some flexibility in prolonging repaying a loan, while also protecting them from extending it too far into the future and seeing it compound disproportionately. This reinforces short term loans as a borrowing solution that can help families and individuals bridge unexpected financial circumstances. Simultaneously, it removes a dangerous pitfall and keeps short term loans from becoming long term debts.
  2. Changes have been made to lenders’ ability to utilize CPA, or Continuous Payment Authority. Before, a lender could take payments in any amount on any date they chose. This helped lenders help borrowers avoid late payments or defaults. What should have allowed greater flexibility in working with time constraints and last-minute changes instead led to some lenders abusing this power. They triggered payments without warning or spammed bank accounts to withdraw small amounts regularly rather than what had been agreed to by lender and borrower.

The result of this is a new limitation in lenders’ ability to use CPA. It can only be failed twice before the lenders lose their ability to use CPA on that loan. Furthermore, withdrawals of partial payments are no longer allowed on the lenders’ side. That means a lender can’t spam your account with repeated withdrawal requests, simply looking to lift money as soon as you get it. If they do, they’ll lose their ability to use CPA on your loan. This returns CPA to one of its original intents – as a tool to be used in rare cases of emergency.

3 Risk warnings are now also included in all electronic communications from short term lending companies. The warning reads: “Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk.” This reminds borrowers that short term lending is a precise tool for precise circumstances. It is not safe to abuse and a short term loan should only be made when borrowers have and expect to have the capability of paying it off.

4 There is also a new price cap on short term loans. Interest and fees may not exceed 0.8-percent per day of the money borrowed. Default fees are capped at 15 pounds for borrowers struggling to repay. This means lenders can’t hit you with exorbitant non-payment fees. Furthermore, borrowers are protected from debt escalation. The total of fees and interest can no longer exceed the amount borrowed. This means, even in the worst of non-payment and default circumstances, you can’t owe more than 200-percent of what was borrowed.

These rules all make borrowing safer. Sites like cashfloat.co.uk are happy to see them because it stabilizes an industry that can help in specific circumstances. The rules also help to educate borrowers in many key ways that can help you build a better financial future.

Visions of Vintage: 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Retro-Themed Room

As #ThrowbackThursday proves, vintage is back in season. But how do you achieve a retro look for your room without creating a dated appearance? Well, you can start with the right accessories. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Murano glass chandelier
    The most important part of a room is its lighting fixtures. After all, you won’t be able to use your room if it’s going to be all dark, right? But while simply screwing in a lightbulb can light up a space, you’ll need something better if you truly want to bring in the retro vibe.

    That’s where a Murano glass chandelier comes in. These chandeliers, which started becoming popular in the 1930s and 1940s, aren’t just lighting fixtures—each makes a brilliant centerpiece. And if you can’t travel to Italy to purchase a unique piece, don’t worry. You can have your own custom-made glass chandelier made using traditional techniques from artisans based in the United States.

  2. Old-school leather (or leatherette) chair
    Now that there’s light in your room, you’ll want somewhere to sit on. Hence, a chair is your next important purchase.

    Start with a classic piece like the Eames Lounge Chair, which debuted in 1956 and comes with a footrest. Or go with the 1963 Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio, if you want something more cozy. While these pieces were first designed in the 1950s and 1960s, they’re still being manufactured, meaning that you won’t have problems sourcing them. There are also contemporary versions available—such as a Ball Chair with USB charging ports—that combines yesterday’s elegance and style with today’s conveniences.

  3. Wooden table
    If you’re planning to lounge around in comfort, you won’t just need a chair. You’ll also need a table to put your drinks or snacks on. A wooden table is always a good bet; something in the Louis XIV or Georgian styles can do the trick. There are many available coffee tables and console tables in these styles—and they’re still popular even up to now.
  4. Carpet or area rug
    Bare floors can be boring and they’re not really representative of the designs from previous decades. Hence, to add another retro touch to your room, you can get a shag carpet or a tufted one in bright colors. An area rug with colorful patterns can also do, if you’re not too fond of thick carpets.
  5. Jukebox
    If you don’t have an extensive vinyl collection, you can look for modern music players and stereo combos that come in jukebox designs. These setups can often play MP3 files straight from a USB drive or SD card. Some even offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Of course, if you’re worrying about your budget, you don’t need to find all these five pieces for your room. In fact, you only need one or two of these pieces—say the glass chandelier or the area rug—to add a retro touch to your space. Besides, adding too many vintage items to your space that may end up making your room look dated instead of stylishly vintage. Hence, just getting even one piece from this list is worth it.

4 Hidden Benefits of Investing in Fitted Bed Sheets

A well-made bed is a beautiful sight. If you want to have spotless and tidy bedroom, then you should know that the bed linens are an important part of creating a neat and beautiful look. You cannot have a cozy and comfortable by using the right bed sheets. There are two major types of sheets available in the market. You can either use a flat sheet or a fitted sheet.


Fitted Sheets:

These sheets are designed to cover the mattress. When you are making the bed this is the first sheet you apply. They are the best first layer because they are perfect for providing a smooth surface. These sheets consist of an elastic or stitched on, inside the hem of sheets. There are extra deep fitted sheets available as well.

Benefits of using Fitted Sheets:

The fitted sheets have several advantages to offer. Here are some of the benefits that can help you.

Excellent Protective Covering:

If you want to maintain the good appearance of the bed, then fitted sheets are the best option. Covering the mattress with fitted sheets is essential. They are perfect for keeping the mattress safe from body oils, sweats or hair dyes. These things are extremely harmful to the health of the mattress. Fitted sheets provide a protective covering and keep the expensive mattress safe from any harm.

Create a Neat Look:

Fitted sheet is made with elastic in or around the borders. It prevents the sheets from slipping. You can use the elastic to edge to pull the borders in. They have the stretch ability to fit on the mattress. You do not have to worry about these sheets staying in place. They will not slide or come off unless you want to take them off. You can add a decorative touch with valance sheets.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort:

Most of the people prefer a neat and tidy bed in order to sleep peacefully. They cannot sleep if the bed is rough and rumpled. Fitted sheets are a perfect way of solving the problem. These sheets do not have hanging edges you can prevent any danger of tripping over and falling. It is also perfect for children because it eliminates any chance of suffocation because of twisting.

Save Energy and Time:

These sheets are an excellent choice if you want to save your energy and time. The construction of the sheet allows you to apply them quickly. The construction has pre-shaped corners which make it easy to apply it. You do not have to spend time adjusting and folding the sheets. You do not need to lift the mattress so you can save your energy as there is no heavy lifting involved.

All of these factors make fitted sheets an excellent choice for your bedroom.

Gutter Wars: Benefits of a Clog-Free Rain Gutter

Most property owners shudder at the idea of climbing a ladder and cleaning the gutters. Pulling out sticks, twigs, and leaves before or after a heavy downpour or snowy day should encourage you to consider find an alternative.

Cleaning and caring for gutters can be a frustrating process. Investing in a clog free rain gutter installation, Ann Arbor, MI is a great idea for residential and commercial property owners. There are various types of gutter options, however, a clog-free gutter has considerable benefits, such as:

Protects Gutter Rust

The words rain, snow, and gutters don’t mesh well. In fact, too much of either one can cause your gutters to rust. Installing a rain clog-free rain gutter will prevent your gutter from clogging which leaves little opportunity for the gutter to rust.

No More Clogging

Leaves, birds nests, spider webs, twigs, sticks—the list of gutter debris can go on. The problem with a traditional gutter is that when it rains, debris can get caught in the gutter causing clogging issues. There are many benefits of a clog-free rain gutter installation, Ann Arbor MI will keep the debris at bay—which means that cleaning out gutters can be marked off of your to-do-list.

Decreases the Chance of Foundation Damage

Fixing the foundation of your house is not only expensive—but can potentially make your home inhabitable. Clogged downspouts and gutters that haven’t been taken care of are often the culprit. That’s why installing a clog-free rain gutter will not only prevent debris back-up, but also, eliminate the chances of a cracked foundation.

Added Fire Protection

During the dry, summer months—leaves, twigs, and other debris that have been left in the gutter can start a fire. A clog-free rain gutter installation, Ann Arbor, MI means that you’re protecting your home from becoming engulfed in flames. The inability for debris to get trapped in the gutter means that your home has a reduced chance of catching on fire due to an overload of dried debris on a hot, summer day.

Reduces Gutter Damage

Gutters will eventually need replacing—that’s just the fact of homeowner’s life. However, using a clog-free rain gutter reduces the chances of having extensive gutter damage. It not only prevents rusts and clogging, but it preserves the integrity of the overall gutter.

Improved Rain Filtration

Rain filtration is important to your home. A key responsibility of your gutter is that it pushes water away from your house which helps to prevent damage and flooding. A clog-free rain gutter will allow for water to move freely throughout the gutters and properly drain away from your home.

When to Make the Switch

If you notice problems with how your gutter responds to rain or snow, it may be time to consider a clog-free rain gutter installation, Ann Arbor, MI .Although there are alternatives to this option, spending a few extra bucks for a permanent solution is the better choice.

If you’re still unsure, get in touch with a local, reputable contractor that specializes in gutter replacement. They will complete a thorough assessment to help you determine the best course of action.

Who’s Investing in U.S. Real Estate From Abroad?

Foreign Real Estate Investment in U.S.

Who are They?

The Chinese are the number one group of foreign investors purchasing the most real estate in the United States, according to Mansion Global, a real estate website. California is at the top of their list of purchases, followed by New York. Second to the Chinese, some may find surprising, are the Canadians who appear to be seeking out warmer climates in the southern regions of the United States. Why are they are investing in the United States, how much they are investing, and where they are investing?

How Much are They Investing?

The national Association of realtors states that $102.6 billion was spent in the United States from April 2015 to March 2016 from foreign homebuyers acquiring property. Chinese investors spent the most, followed by Canada, India, and Britain. Why foreign investors are buying real estate in the United States, what they are looking for, and what is their primary motivation to buy where they do is worth considering, whether you are a realtor or private home seller looking to tap into this large investment market. There is great potential that many are not aware of, unless they’ve done the research on the latest trends from this past year’s foreign investment in real estate in the United States.

What is Their Preferred Home Type?

Unlike their American counterparts, foreign investors prefer to pay cash and are generally looking for a detached single-family home that is not in a rural area. Foreign investors tend to prefer being in proximity to an urban area, whether for employment, education, or cultural opportunities. These properties can be both primary and vacation homes. If the investor is an Ex-Pat, living in the United States, then the homes tend to be their primary dwellings. While, if the investor is primarily living in their home country, then they are more inclined to be buying a second-home or vacation residence.

What are the Top States They are Investing In?

There are five states, according to mansion global, who made up over half of all foreign real estate purchases from April 2015 to March 2016. These included; Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and New York. It is clear that foreign investors are making decisions where to buy for very different reasons, however, with Chinese buying primarily in California, while Canadians top real estate investments are in Florida.

What Makes These States Attractive?

What motives foreign homebuyers for these regional real estate investment choices is influenced greatly by obvious factors like employment and educational opportunities to less obvious reasons like places that bear a cultural enclave similar to their home-country. New York, for example, offers great cultural enclaves to the Chinese investor, while California offers travel proximity. While Canadians are making their choices based solely on weather, with Arizona and Florida being their top investment states.

Decks In Your Home And Its Importance

In today’s life, every dream is seem to be true. When we were kids, we always think that if there will be one deck in our house. That time this is dream. But, now it can become reality if you want to build a deck in your home. You must leave some space for deck while drawing map of your house. It will be much better and give a proper look to your house if you include deck space in map.


If you want to design your house in modern style, deck should also be modern. Deck gives outside design to your home. If it looks attractive, everyone wants to visit your home again and again. You must search builder more and more and look their work sample, after that appoint them for your home deck building. There are many builders who build deck in los angles. You can contact them through google search. Search on Google “decks Los Angeles” and you will get many best results.

First search their work example and look them very clearly. If you think that this builder will work according to you and give you best yard to your home, hire them for your deck construction. When you will look outside from your window and deck design created by builder is not according to you, every time you will feel stressed. You spent lot of money for deck building and result will not be according to you, you would not want to look that deck.

You must choose builder who are ready to do deck building in short time with low cost and best material. You will get hundreds of result on google search. Now, it is only depend on you that how you will select builder or we can say that best builder that will give a best and natural look to your newly built home. You can also look to www.californiapoolside.com. Founder of California poolside updated their website when they develop any new deck or pool with their images. You can check their photo gallery or can take advice from your friends or relatives.

Many of builders do not give you any explanatory idea about your deck building and result will not be according to your demand. California poolside builders show you complete sketch about the deck they will build to your home. If you want any changes in that sketch, tell them and they will re design it for you. If you did not like any design created by builders, search on internet decks Los Angeles images. They will build the same design for you as you select. Quality of deck will be lifelong and you will not feel any need to complain them. Just go to their official site and look for their gallery that has all images of decks, all types of pools, beach and many others. If you want to contact them, click on schedule consultation and you will get an appointment to meet them. They did not repeat any design. Every time they create unique design for you.


Home decorating Preparation Tips

Decorating one’s home can be very difficult, tedious, and time consuming for some. Others may find it relaxing, comforting, and enjoyable. Whichever person you may be, you know it is not easy to find home decor that really jumps out at you that you just can’t live without. It can take months to find a picture you would like to hang on the wall that you know you will be looking at every day for months to come. My experience has been that when i find something I really do like, it is so expensive I can’t afford it. Let’s face it, home decorating just isn’t all that fun at times, so it’s continually put off and your home remains blah and plain.

Three of the most important aspects of home decorating are finding things you really like, finding good quality products, and finding them at an affordable price. There are a lot of stores and websites out there that provide home decor for sale. Not many of them provide good quality products at an affordable price. Let’s be realistic, that is exactly what you are looking for, great quality products that won’t break the bank. At the same time, if you are getting a good quality product that will last longer than two months, you will have to pay a little more for it. The question then becomes, How much are you willing to spend?

When getting ready to shop for home decorations there are a few things to keep in mind or decide in your preparations.

Don’t try to decorate all rooms at one time. Have a mental picture or ideas of how you want each room to look. What kind of theme do you want? There are a ton of ideas like flowers, bears, trains, seashells, modern or classic ideas, so be creative in each room. This is where you can let the real you come alive. Show the things you like.

Once you have your ideas, pick one room to start with and start making a list of the items you know you want to purchase or ways you want to change the room. Do you want to paint? Adding color to a wall will make the room come alive. Start with a large view of the room and then move down to the more minute items such as what kind of clock or rug to put on the floor.

You can then start your budget. How much money do you have to spend or do you want to spend. Take some time to price out some of the items on your list so you have a good idea of how much these things will cost. Once you know what is available, you will have a better idea of how much you personally want to spend on each item.

Keep your list with you at all times. Know what you want to purchase and in what kind of order. Keep your eyes open while you are shopping. Spend some time looking at different websites to see what they have available. Over time, you will have a well rounded list of places to purchase the items you want at a great price. You can then purchase your items at your own speed.
Finding the right home decorations for your home is very important since you will have to live in those walls with what you have chosen for decorations. Once you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish in each room, it will be easier to slowly purchase the items you want. While searching you may also see something you really like, which will give you another decorating idea. Decorating does not have to be accomplished overnight. Give yourself time and really think about how you want your home to look.

Western Home decor – 6 Steps To Tastefully Decorating Your home Western Style

So you want to decorate your home in Western style without spending a lot of money and looking like you live in a barn. You are probably asking yourself where to start. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way to a beautifully decorated western style home.

1. Any good decorator will tell you to start with a focus or inspiration piece. That can be an architectural structure like a fireplace, a beautiful view or a special piece of art. If you have an inspiration piece in mind but are unable to purchase it right away, decorate with that piece in mind, and purchase it when you can.

2. You will first want to start with the paint color for the room. Dark colors will make a small room look smaller, so keep in mind the size of the room when choosing colors. Western color themes are typically the color of nature such as cactus greens, earthy browns, sunset reds, deep sky blues and clay yellows. Paint is the easiest, most affordable way to set the stage for western decorating throughout your home.

3. Next, start small, choose several pieces for that room that you like. If you are doing a bathroom, start with the cabinet hardware. There are cabinet knobs and hardware in Old West style with shotgun shells, antlers and barb wire or equestrian style, using conchos, western belts and other items seen in the Horse show ring. All of these items are widely available in rustic western themes, featuring sculptures, ranchscapes cowboys and other iconic symbols of western ranch life. Choose which style you like the best and gradually add some quality pieces. Soap dishes and dispensers, containers for bath items, and necessities like linens, bath mats and shower curtains can all be used to enhance the western theme. Spend the most money on the things you touch like towels, rugs and bathroom accessories to create a feeling of luxury. Hang western art work or rustic signs on large blank spaces, frame the bathroom mirror with old barn wood.

4. If you are decorating a bedroom, you may want to use a few western style photo frames and a few small knick knacks to bring a western touch to the room. Tabletops and shelves make great homes for wrought iron sculptures or small collectibles like wagon wheels, stirrups and spurs. A simple way to incorporate western decor into your home is with artwork. Framed artwork featuring traditional cowboy culture, rustic or pastoral ranch scenes or western wildlife like wolves, bears and horses can be a great addition to any western room decor. Choose a comforter set in a color you love and use that as your color inspiration. Your son loves horses and cowboys and you want to re-decorate his room. Make your inspiration piece a western comforter set, choose a color scheme for the room that compliments it and stick to it. You may want to use an accent wall to bring another color into the room. You can use many different patterns and textures but if you stick to the color scheme it all works together. Pick furniture that goes with the size of the room, don’t fill a room with furniture that overpowers it. Personalize it to make is special with his/her name in rope or stenciled on a wall with other western shapes. Do you have his first cowboy boots, use them as part of the decor. Add a bookshelf with some of her favorite horse story books. Decorate the room to fit the age of the occupant.

5. To transform your living room to western decor, start with the furniture. Western furniture is usually large and bulky with overstuffed sofas and chairs. Tables can be rustic using reclaimed wood or iron. Lamps can be unique, made with horseshoes, driftwood, stirrups, spurs or anything your imagination can come up with.

Choose your color scheme and build on it, again, you can use multiple textures and fabrics as long as you stick with the color scheme. Cowhide rugs and pillows enhance the western scheme. Add character with western sculptures or items like horseshoes, stirrups and wagon wheels.

6. The kitchen is a fun place to decorate with a western accessories, there are many different western designs in kitchen decor. Drawer pulls, cabinet hardware, switch plates, towel holders, salt and pepper shakers and many other kitchen ware items that will make your kitchen a fun place to work. Do you have a hard time getting everyone to the table for dinner, get a triangle dinner bell and they will never miss another meal.

If you live in the city, consider taking a day trip to the country in search of swap meets, garage sales or check the newspapers for anyone who might have western decor for sale. Also check online for western decor items that can be purchased and shipped to your door.

When it comes to decorating with Western Home decor, money and your imagination are the only limits you have. Your house is uniquely yours so have fun while decorating it, enjoy the process, only you will know when you are done.

Home decorating With Wrought Iron Decor

Many homeowners consider their home to be their favorite place in the world. It is the place where your heart belongs, so you try to make your home as beautiful and comfortable as possible. What if you can add style to your home too? Yes, it is possible due to wrought iron home décor items. Home decorating with wrought iron yields an elegant touch to the interior design of your house.

Wrought iron home décor offers such a broad spectrum of products that you will love home decorating with wrought iron. Right from your backyard to your living room to your kitchen to your bedroom to your bathroom to your garden to your courtyard to the exterior of your house, you can find many variations of wrought iron home décor products. Apart from main home décor items, home decorating with wrought iron also includes accessories. Among the main pieces of wrought iron furniture, you have the choice of: patio furniture, room furniture, bed, coffee table, settee and dining table to name a few. For home decorating with wrought iron accessories, the list includes but is not limited to: wrought iron chandeliers, chandelier extension, candle wall sconces, candelabra, baskets, media storage racks, wine racks, magazine racks, plant stands, baskets, towel holders, pedestal tables, side tables, curtain rods, fireplace tools, kitchen accessories, switch plates, Christmas accessories, and so on and so forth.

Generally, European design style is followed for wrought iron home décor products. When planning home decorating with wrought iron, you may choose from the designs that are mainly antique, classic and rich. Delicate floral and leafy cuts are the most common. The other design themes for wrought iron home décor products may be Christmas decorations with the silhouette of a Christmas tree, reindeers, Santa Claus, snow man, angles, etc. Bushy or branched tree designs are also in style these days. The standard and basic wrought iron home décor products include regular bars with a swirl head, club head, or a spear head. These are just a few examples; Creativity knows no limits, and covering the design range for wrought iron home décor products is beyond the scope of this article. To add to your choice set, you may have a few color variations as well.

Home decorating with wrought Iron is the in thing today. Wrought iron home décor offers style, durability and elegance with affordability. Home decorating with wrought iron has a long history and remains popular today. Wrought iron home décor products are here to stay.

Tips for Planning A Special Event

When planning a special event, whether it’s a birthday party or a conference for thousands of attendees, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to feel special and welcomed on this memorable day. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Decor is everything at ane vent Choose an appropriate theme and color scheme for the event. Use the designer’s ratio of 60:30:10 such that 60% of the space is comprise of one color, 30% of another, and 10% of an accent color
  • Use an event florist in Beverly Hills. An event florist in Beverly Hills will meet all your needs to elevate your special event. An event florist in Beverly Hills can create flower garlands, centerpieces, hanging installations, and even flower party favors.
  • Lighting is so important at your event. Consider different ways to use light garlands, such as curtains made of lights, or even garland lights behind curtains. Use lights inside of lanterns and string them throughout the space for a nostalgic aesthetic.
  • Balloons can add a special touch to any event, from a high-end birthday party to an executive conference for thousands of attendees. But there are so many different kinds of balloons—there are metallic foil balloons, oversized balloons and even glow in the dark balloons. Balloons can be made into archways, pillars or curtains.

Enhance your corporate event or birthday party with an event florist in Beverly Hills. Visit http://www.wisterialaneflowers.com or call 888.345.6101.