Making a Good Impression

First impressions count, and however spotless the interior of your office is, visitors to your premises are likely to judge your business on its exterior appearance. You may not even be aware of the message your building gives out, but try viewing it with the eyes of a stranger next time you go to the office. Many offices and buildings are used for roosting or perching by pigeons and gulls, and this can cause unsightly soiling.


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Bird Damage to Buildings

According to Londonist, London’s most common bird is the feral pigeon. In addition to looking unsightly, pigeon droppings contain an acid which can damage the fabric of buildings and deface finishes. Feathers and nest droppings can block rainwater pipes and gutters, which causes water damage to the building, and droppings on the pavement or steps to the office can cause a slipping hazard as well. Pigeons also enter roof voids by lifting roof coverings, and this can lead to water damage.

The number of gulls seen as a nuisance bird species has also increased over recent years. Gulls can cause similar damage to property, and can be more difficult to deal with because they are often so aggressive that it is hard to establish what condition the building is in.

The Law and Bird Control

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects wild birds and their eggs and nests. It states that it is a criminal offence to destroy, injure or capture any wild bird or their eggs. The use of pesticides against birds in the UK is also illegal. Specialist bird control services in London focus on the specific problems posed by the birds and their management and are licensed to manage these pests.

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Bird Control

The bird control techniques used by companies such as include physical deterrents and using predatory birds such as hawks and falcons to displace them.

Physical deterrents can include the use of bird netting to keep birds away from surfaces that they may damage or foul. Spikes can be used to prevent roosting on ledges and parapets, or wires may be used.

Specially bred and trained hawks and falcons can be used to displace pigeons by interrupting their behavioural patterns.

The exterior appearance of your building is important, so why not call in the professionals to deal with the unsightly nuisance caused by urban birds?


Decoding the Facts about Steel Building Makers

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