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What is Stain Resistant Carpeting, And Will it Replace the Need for Professional Cleaning?

Have you been considering purchasing stain resistant carpeting, or perhaps have been given the “hard sell” by a carpet salesman in relation to this product lately? We here at Livermore Carpet Cleaners are ready to give you the low down on what this kind of carpet really does, and if they are worth buying.

What Are Stain Resistant Carpets?

Carpets can be made from a huge range of different kinds of material, from polyester to wool. But well over half of all carpets made are created from Nylon. Manufacturers apply special chemical coatings to the nylon to achieve the stain resistant properties required. Each company will likely have different blends of chemicals and different techniques for their applications, which affects both the effectiveness and marketability of the end product. These chemicals can either be added to the Nylon itself by infusion, or applied after the carpet has been made. However, the fact is, Nylon carpeting, by default, is almost always stain resistant anyhow. If a manufacturer takes additional steps to increase the resistance to staining, they will then market it as a stain resistant carpet, and will clearly label it as such.

How Effective Are They?

In a word – very! You will not need to use harsh chemicals on these kinds of carpets, to remove stains or blotches (in fact, it is recommended that you don’t, as these kinds of chemicals can strip the protective coating off the carpet’s fibres). Stains are more likely to lift from this kind of carpeting also, as they have wick away properties.

Are there Any Drawbacks?

Of course there are! Over time, the chemical protective layer can fade away, leaving the fibres of the carpet as exposed as any other. In addition, the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of these carpets can create health issues in some of the population, so they may not be suitable for every household. If you are generally sensitive to certain chemicals, you may be best off avoiding these kinds of carpets.

Pros & Cons:

Generally speaking though, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this kind of carpet. They are extremely cost effective, both from a purchasing point of view, and from the maintenance aspect also. You will not need to purchase shampoos or other chemicals to clean your carpets if they are stain resistant. Plus, the clean up task is much easier to achieve. Hiring janitorial cleaners in Livermore can also be a great way to quickly and efficiently get your office space or home cleaned professionally.

But, Are they a Sufficient Replacement for Professional Cleaning?

No – nothing is. These kinds of carpets might extend the amount of time in between cleanings, but the truth is, you will still need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. And with this kind of carpet, giving its special coating, professional cleaning is the best way of getting a deep down and thorough clean for your carpets and/or office space. In addition to regular vacuuming, professional cleaning will capitalize on the life of your carpets, saving you even more money in the long run.

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