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What You Need To Know About Green Pest Control

If you’re one of the millions of families or businesses that’s trying to stay green, you’re always on the lookout for eco-friendly idea. Pest control is usually associated with chemicals, so how do property owners control pests and still protect the environment? With green pest control, of Course.

What’s “Green” About Pest Control?

Green pest extermination covers pest control practices that range from humane traps or baits to low-chemical sprays and botanical oils that repel pest. One of the best-known is citronella oil, which has long been used as a mosquito repellent, and cedar, which is known to repel moths. In order to be certified green or organic, an exterminator must use only pesticides that are rated 25b by the EPA or are made from earth-based substances like boric acid and silica. A company can be termed as ;environmentally friendly” if they use sprays that are low in toxicity but necessarily organic.

Does Green Extermination Work?

Green or eco-friendly pest control is generally effective when used diligently by a professional. It’s also safer for pets and people to limit exposure to toxic chemicals, especially indoors. Experienced exterminators know how to properly treat proprietress and put preventative measures in place.

Although some customers report needing more frequent or intensive treatments, they feel the trade off is much better than exposing their family, staff or visitors to traditional pesticides. The best way to control pest is to control access to your home, commercial buildings or other structures on your property. you should also control environments that attract pest, like dampness and pile-ups up refuse.

How to Choose an Environmentally Responsible Pest Control Company

One of the most reliable ways to is to check out the companies website to learn more about their experience, methods and certifications. Companies that use EPA-approved practices and products nay have a certification badge somewhere on their web page. It also helps to read customer reviews, or talk to customers in person if any friends, co-workers or family members have worked with the company before. You can also gt in-home estimates from several local companies and ask questions about their practices.

In general, Eco-friendly pest control is an option you can feel good about. More and more pest control companies are offering an environmentally respectful option, if they’re not going green all-together. The best course of action for home and business owners is to do their homework, and decide on the level of toxicity – or pest – they can live with.


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