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6 Uses for Your New Dry Basement

Notice how so many of the options below have the word ‘home’ in front of them? That’s because by sorting your basement, you’re getting access to a space most homeowners simply don’t have! That means there’s even more potential for what you can do with the whole property! P.S. even if you have a ‘home’ everything, you still should leave the house!

Getting your basement waterproofed doesn’t have to be expensive or tricky either. Just find the right company, and you can see it done in no time at all. Now on to what you’re going to use all that new space for!

Home Gym

While the very first thing on your mind might not be exercise, sorting your basement and turning it into a useful space could result in a slimmer, stronger, sexier you! By using your new space to create a nifty little home gym, you could say goodbye to miserable pre-work commutes to a local gym, and just heading downstairs.

Setting up a home gym doesn’t have to be all that expensive either. You can get a lot of the equipment and materials second-hand online, and if you’re really tight on budget, you can keep it super simple. I’m talking a kettlebell, set of dumbbells, skipping rope, exercise mat and pull-up bar. You can get all that way under $150, and go pretty far when it comes to getting in shape.

Home Cinema

I wonder what rooms without any windows or natural light could be absolutely perfect for. A home cinema! Not only is it ideal for setting up a projector, but the below-ground and insulated nature of the place means it’s pretty hard to make too much noise in a basement, you’re never going to be disturbing the neighbours!

Home Office

Have you always wanted more space to get work done at home? You need a home office. Somewhere the whole family can go and sort taxes, or print out bar-job CV’s. Somewhere separate and quiet, away from distraction, allowing anyone who needs to get work done a space to do it in. A converted basement is perfect.

Second Living Room

You want to watch Aliens, she’s keen on that new Scandi noir drama? Time to head down to the second living room! More space to entertain, and more options for the whole family.

Separate Living Space

So one of the kids is a little older now, and really wants their own space? Not quite old enough to move into a flat, but old enough to feel a little encroached on in their old bedroom? The basement, waterproofed and prepped, could be an ideal mini-apartment for them. It’s an easy solution to the problem!

Practice and Jam Room

Someone in the family play an instrument? Maybe even drums? Move it down to the basement! The below-ground nature of the space makes a perfect natural insulation, allowing for lots of noise, and little disturbance.

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