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Beginners Guide to Picking Locks

If you are a beginner to lock picking then you can go through the below steps.It will help you out to pick your first lock and it will also help you to learn the best practices by using the tools.

Step 1: You need to check books like MIT Guide to lock picking, the document is old but it has all the valid information. You will get an idea about the functioning of picking pin tumbler locks. This book will help you get started.

Step 2: Once you have done reading the MIT guide, then I will also suggest you read Secrets of Lock picking page. You can get an overview of various types of locks and you can also identify them. Let’s look for the common lock type which is wafer tumbler lock.

Step 3: Invest in a Practice Lock

Once you have spent quality time in reading the MIT Guide to lock picking and secrets of lock picking page, the next step is to invest in a practice lock. Else you will end up damaging the current lock. Look for a simple lock, don’t purchase a fancy lock. You can get a medium ranged dead bolt in any department store. The easiest lock to disassemble is a dead bolt and the cheap locks can be difficult to open even with keys. So, don’t purchase really cheap locks. You can look for brands like Kwikset and don’t purchase Schlage, it is difficult to pick the lock due to its different shape. Buy a lock of five pin tumblers.

Step 4:  Remove all and leave a single pin in your lock

Picking a five-pin tumbler may be little difficult for a beginner, you can reduce the complexity by choosing one pin from the lock. You will get an idea how to pick a lock when it happens.

Step 5: Get a torque wrench and a pick.

If you don’t have a lock pick set then you can look for household items. Below is a list of items which can work as a torque wrench.

Allen Wrench- It is the perfect tool if you have a grinder choose a one which is 2 sizes bigger to enter the key and then grind the width so that key can enter. You can also make use of a file instead of a torque wrench.

Screwdriver – Use the smallest one which touches the wards then applies the turning pressure. The job will be done easily.

Paper Clip – Get a paper clip and straighten it and then bend it into a loop which can fit into the bottom of the keyway. You need to bend the wire to about 80-90 degrees.

Step 6: Pick the lock

Now, you are ready to pick the lock. The procedure will be easy when the lock is upside down. Press down the torque wrench a little bit. You can easily pick the lower pin down. The plugin will be tuned and then you can repeat the procedure until you are comfortable. Practice is the key.

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