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Prevent Pest Infestation Inside and Out

As with many concerns regarding your home, prevention of pest infestation is the best the best form of “treatment” there is for any of the most common household pests. However, several people don’t know that their daily habits are increasing the likelihood that rodents and insects will take up residence in their home. If that’s you, then consider these tips for keeping the bugs out.

Keeping Pests Out of the Kitchen

As the center of the home and the location of all the food, the kitchen is one of the most common locales for an infestation to begin. Implement these strategies to avoid a kitchen-based pest issue.

Confine eating to the kitchen and dining room. – Limiting where you eat means that fewer areas are exposed to food and crumbs, so there is less risk that an infestation will start and spread.

Sweep or vacuum the floor once a day. – Clean the floor of your kitchen daily. This task will quickly reduce the chance that bugs will be attracted to a mess in the kitchen.

Handle spills promptly. – Spills that involve sugary drinks or syrups are especially likely to attract bugs. Clean up spills quickly, and be sure to clean under furniture and appliances that may have been exposed to the spill.

Wash the dishes. – Leaving soiled dishes to wash until later can quickly attract bugs. Promptly wash dishes, and be sure to drain any water remaining. Also remove any residual food particles from the sink interior by wiping it down.

Eliminating Bug and Rodents from the Pantry

The pantry is another prime location for pest infestations. Use these tips to keep your pantry and whole house pest-free.

Keep jars clean. – Bottles and jars, such as those that contain honey and syrup, often get covered in their contents during use. Before storing them in the pantry, wipe down any bottles or jars to remove any leftovers and ward off pests.

Store food safely. – Bugs and rodents can get in a variety of packaging types, so be sure to store and properly seal your pantry items. Package items in resealable, airtight containers to keep them as safe as possible.

Avoiding Infestations from the Closet

Keeping your closets clean and free of bugs and rodents is also important for Colorado Springs pest control. The dark enclosed quarters of closets make them prime hiding spots for bugs and other pests.

Put away clean clothes. – Worn and soiled clothing tends to attract bugs. So before storing any of your seasonal clothing, be sure to wash or dry clean all of the items.

Store clothing properly. – Additionally, properly storing your clothing is important. Much like jars or bottles in the pantry, improperly stored clothes are a major attraction for pests. Store clothing in sealed containers or bags to protect your clothes and home from pests.

In addition to following these tactics indoors, you’ll need to make sure you are properly storing your garbage (inside and out). Likewise, implementing proper homecare techniques outside is important, such as storing wood outside, keeping foliage well-pruned, eliminating puddled water, etc. If you’ve been implementing these practices and are still having issues with bug or rodent infestations, in may be time to call a professional.


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