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Tipsto Position Security Cameras for Maximum Effect?

The home security camera is not new, and it is often done for two basic purposes, such as the investigation of a particular incident and deterrence of crimes. The images and videos received from the security cameras are often used to review the crime or an accident.

It will give a clear idea to you about the accident, and you will be able to understand what was happening at a particular time. The installation of a security camera can see itself a deterrence because the people will know that they are always being watched.

To escape camera from the eyes of people, and for this purpose, you have to select the location of your camera carefully. There are four perfect locations to install your security camera:

Entry and Exit Places

The entry and exit doors are the best places to install a security camera because you need to keep an eye on the people and watch their faces. If you want to capture the ID image, then you can set the security camera on a three-foot wide area.

You have to be careful and take IT Support of experts because the sudden changes in the light can make the image of your subject black. You will notice a dark outline only; therefore, it will be good to place a security camera away from the outside light.

If you want to capture quality images, then you should keep a television near the entrance. The customer will naturally eye to the monitor while entering to a particular location. The security cameras near monitor will help you to capture clear images with full features of the face. If your monitor is showing the observation images, then you can get the advantage of strong deterrent effects.

Transaction Points of Customers

It will be good to plant security camera at any point of the customer transaction. You can select locations of kiosks, teller stations, and cash registers. These areas will give you the best chance to capture excellent images. You should keep the camera almost 7 feet high to look into the area directly. The camera with high mount will not be able to capture anything, instead of the top of the heads.

Right Locations to Install Camera

The security cameras should be installed near targets, such as cash drawers, safes, jewelry showcase, money cabinets, etc. These locations are easy targets for thieves and the security cameras on these locations will help you to capture the face of the thieves.

It will help you to identify the face of the criminal and review the nature of the crime. You will be able to respond to criminal activity in a better way. The cameras should be mounted relatively high so that they can see down into the cabinets and drawers.

Other than these locations, you can select parking lots and backyards to install security cameras. This will help you to keep an eye on these places and avoid any criminal activity that may affect your office or house as well. The wireless home security cameras can be a good choice to enhance the security of your property.


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