5 Tips on How to Save and Buy a House Before You Get Married

Living solo has its advantages and disadvantages. Most single men and women spend money without really thinking about anything. All they need to think of is themselves. Can you relate to this situation? Don’t you think it’s better to prepare for your future rather than spending your money, buying things that you don’t really need?

Yes, it is definitely fun to be able to buy things that you cannot afford back when you do not have a job but you should also set your limitations. You should think about long term goals like a house of your own.

It is best if you are able to buy a house for your future family even before you get married. It will not only help you prepare for your future but it will also motivate you to do better.

Here are five tips that you should consider to help you save and eventually buy a house before you get married.

  1. Budget your money –do not spend your money all at once. This is a common habit among single people. They work, they get their paycheck, they spend everything and the cycle goes on and on. Do not fall into this routine. It is advisable that you come up with a budget plan. You should make a weekly budget and monthly budget including your bills expenses, rent, gas, food and others. Also, you should ensure that you will follow your set budget strictly.
  2. Allot a specific percentage to go to your savings –you should also decide how much you will save whether you will allot 10%, 15%, 25% or more from your savings. You should put this amount directly to your savings account every time you receive your paycheck.
  3. Avoid shopping or buying things you do not need –one thing that you should avoid if you want to save is shopping impulsively. Do not go to the mall if you do not have purpose. This will prevent you from shopping especially for things that you do not need. You will certainly save a lot.
  4. Pay cash – it is also best that you stop using your credit cards when it comes to paying your purchases. You should just pay in cash. It will save you from extra fees and charges and it will help you become more practical.
  5. Find an extra source of income –lastly, if you are really eager to buy a house for your family, then you might consider looking for extra source of income. You can start a small business or perhaps work freelance during your free time. It will help you increase your savings.

Once you think that you ready to buy a house then you can consider applying for a home loan. Some companies like Newcastle Permanent Building Society in Australia offers fixed rate home loans. But of course, it is a lot better if you are already secured with your current job and position and your financial status too. That way, you are sure that you can pay off your loan.

Work hard to meet your needs and wants but you should also think about your future. Consider the tips that we discussed in this article and before you know it, you will be able to afford a house for your future family.


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