Must-Have Appliances For A Luxury Home

Luxury homes are coming with the latest technologically advanced appliances that will blow you away. Today we are going to take a look at the top must-have appliances to outfit your luxury house. Let’s dive in below.

Automatic Watch Winders 

A symbol of prestige is a well-tuned wrist watch. However, keeping your watch wound to the right time can be tricky. An automatic watch winder keeps your watches at the optimal movement rhythm. These luxury watch winders are elegantly designed to fit in any room of your home and keep your entire collection together in one convenient location.

Built-In Refrigerator 

Any luxury home must have a built-in refrigerator in the kitchen. These seamlessly flow with any style room you chose. Most last for twice as long as regular fridges and they come with many technological advantages. Some examples include air-filtration for fruit ethylene gas, dual-refrigeration technology to tightly seal doors, and energy saving options.

Pot Filler 

If you haven’t heard of one of these, don’t worry most people haven’t. These appliances are reserved to the most luxurious kitchens. A pot filler is a type of faucet that has a swing-out arm that is mounted over the stove. When you need to fill a pot with water, simply put your pot on the stove and swing-out the pot filler arm. It’s truly that simple to get a full pot of water in seconds without having to lug your pot from the sink to the stove.

Walk-In Pantry 

We all could use just a little extra room to store our food. Most people end up stashing their extra food containers on the counter and other areas that are open for guests to see. With a walk-in pantry, you can store all your food in one place. This is perfect to stow away those odd shaped containers and keep your kitchen looking clean whenever unexpected guests drop by.

Built-In Wine Cooler 

If a luxury home doesn’t have a wine cellar, it has a built-in wine cooler. These come with clear glass doors so that visitors to your kitchen can see your vast wine collection. These are furnished to be built-in to the wall cabinets to give them a clean and crisp look.

Hidden Outlets 

Having a power strip and other outlets out in the open can drastically take away that modern kitchen look. Instead, luxury homes are installing hidden outlets. These typically lay flush with the countertops and use a collapsable handle. When you need an outlet to run your appliances, simply grab the handle and pull the hidden outlet above the counter. When you are done, simply push the hidden outlet right back down into the counter.

Hidden Knife Storage 

Hidden boxes are the newest craze for luxury homes. We all enjoy seeing a clean and modern style kitchen. When too many appliances, spice racks, and knife holders take up space on the counter, it can feel more like a cluttered mess than a luxury kitchen. By installing a hidden knife storage box you can clear up some counter space and simply pull up the box out of the counter when you are ready to use a knife.


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