The Essential Differences Between a Roof Restoration and a Reroofing Project

Roof restoration and reroofing might seem similar, but the fact is, they are very different. Roof restoration means restoring the roof to its original condition, something that can be quite difficult, as you would have to source the same roofing tiles and match things up. Deciding which method is best for your roof really requires the opinion of a roofing contractor. A restoration, for example, might be a cheaper solution, but in the long run, a reroof would be a wiser investment, even with the extra outlay.

Restoring a Roof

Roof restoration involves repairing or replacing defective parts of the roof, which could be roof tiles, and possibly the timber joists and rafters that make up the internal structure of the roof. In some homes, the inner structure is of steel construction and consists of sections that are welded together to form the shape of the roof. Whatever the materials and design, a roofing contractor would first examine the internal structure, looking for anything untoward, and then his interest would turn to the roof tiles, which are very skin of the roof. It could be that a portion of the roof tiles have been damaged and the rest are sound, and in this case, it is just a question of sourcing similar roof tiles and replacing the damaged ones.

Cost Effective

Restoring a roof would be a cheaper alternative to a reroof, and there are online Perth roof repairs experts who can take on any roofing job with many years of hands-on experience, you can be sure of sound advice and first class workmanship. If the roofing contractor is well established, he would be able to locate any type of roof tile, even very old ones, and this is critical if you want the roof to look as it did when it was in its prime.


This is the best solution when there is extensive damage to the roof, and some of the existing internal structure might be reused, which keeps the cost down, and once the internal structure is repaired or replaced, a new layer of roof tiles will be applied. Modern options allow for a high level of thermal insulation, which would make your home cooler in the summer and it would also help retain the heat in the colder months. The roof can be sealed after the work has been completed, giving you an extra layer of protection, and with modern techniques and materials, your roof would be one that will stand the test of time.

If you really want to be certain that you choose the right type of repair, it is best to discuss your options with a roofing contractor, and only then will you be able to make an informed decision. The roof is the main area of protection for your home, and therefore it needs to be strong and durable, and by using a reputable contractor, the new roof will remain in good condition for many years to come.


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