Plumbing Connectors and Risers Explained

Connectors and risers are a type of plumbing fittings which are widely used in plumbing systems. Connectors are long flexible pipes that are used as gap filling between the valve and the fixture. On the other hand, risers are the supply lines that are used to connect the faucet with the water supply valve which is mostly under the wall. Connectors and risers are used in almost every house and building worldwide.

Plumbing risers are very common in homes to fill the gap between the water supply valve and the faucet. Mostly plumbing risers are made up of metals and are groovy or corrugated. It adds rigidity to the fittings and also allows the fittings to be shaped accordingly. Risers are present under every wash basin where it connects the faucet with the water stopping valve present behind the wall. The risers are made with metals to give them a fancy look while performing the job.

Plumbing connectors are of different types and they are used for different purposes. There are water heater connectors, gas connectors, faucet connectors etc. A water heater connector is used to connect a regular water heater to the hot and cold water plumbing lines in the house. These pipes are made with copper, PEX and CPVC. These connectors can be used with both the storage heaters and tank less heaters. These connectors normally have wrinkly spiral design which provides them strength. Their flexibility is to make them durable, and to make the installation process easy. These types of connectors can be moved to any shape due to their flexible body. The inner and outer body of these connectors is coated with steel or other corrosion resisting substances to increase the life.

Gas connectors are almost same as the water heater connectors. Gas connectors are flexible corrugated tube like pipes that are used to connect a gas supply line to appliances and other equipment such as cooking stoves, furnaces, room heaters, etc. Dishwasher supply connectors is used to connect the water inlet supply of the dishwasher to the threaded elbow.

These are some of the connectors and risers that are commonly used in homes. These connectors are available in the market at any local hardware store. You do not need expertise to install such connectors because these come with threaded ends that can be screwed and unscrewed easily. You should always buy good quality connectors to avoid the water leakage and to ensure the safety. The water leakage can cause more damage to other things other than the appliance they are leaking from. You can also easily buy the connectors on online hardware stores.

Online hardware stores have a vast range of hardware items where you can read the specifications of the items easily. You can also compare the prices of different stores and buy the one which suits your pocket. Do not waste your money on cheap products and in the meantime, risking the safety of your equipment. The water leakage and seepage can cause you large sum of money in long run.

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