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Why You Need to Maintain your Roof

If you want to keep your home in good condition, maintaining it is important. You only have to neglect your home for a couple of years for serious issues to develop.

Not maintaining your home is normally a false economy. Take for example your roof. If you do not maintain it properly, water can easily get into the fabric of your building. When water gets into the fabric of a building, you are in big trouble.


Water does a huge amount of damage. It can lead to mould, which destroys all kinds of materials and is very bad for your health. Mould in a home can lead to respiratory infections and allergies, which, over time, only get worse.

In addition, damp can lead to wood rotting, metal rusting and can even cause certain kinds of bricks and cements to crumble. A building can literally fall apart over the course of a few years.

Get your roof checked regularly

To avoid these issues you should check your roof regularly. Ever month or so take the time to step back and look up at your roof. You are looking for loose or cracked tiles. Look along the apex of the roof to see if any cement is missing from the area under the ridge tiles.

Also, look for moss. Moss needs a constantly damp environment to grow and thrive. If you see moss, the chances are you have a problem area on your roof. Even if there is no leak yet, over time the build up of dirt and moss can open up cracks in your tiles.

If you find any signs of damage, call a professional. They will visit your property and investigate the problem then give you an estimate. The majority of roofing contractors in Wilmslow and other parts of the UK will visit and carry out an inspection free of charge or for a very small fee.

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